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KissyFurNYC 02-04-03 07:22 PM

Novell Groupwise questions: Polling related
Here is the backstory. The company I work for(under 500 people) has conducted 2 polls recently. I was in charge of publishing the results. The first poll had over 2500 responses, including duplicates incomplete forms. The results were sent to a Groupwise e-mail account created special for this reason and publsihed like this: 1. Do you like vanilla ice cream. Yes. 2. Where do you live? Within the five boros. etc for about 10 questions or so. I had to have my staff tally these after my boss printed them out, by HAND. So now I have a new survey I am charged with and the same problem, but now the survey has even more questions. SO today I sat down and did this: I used the find button to find out how many appearances of ' 1. Do you like vanilla ice cream. Yes.' appeared in the 588 e-mail responses so far for the new survey. I figured that exact sentance only can appear for one question so that means say if it turned up 29 times in the search that 29 people responded that they like vanilla ice scream. Only thing, it didn't work. Our MIS department had NOT offered me any solution. What can I do? Can I convert these email files to text and search it like that? can they be imported to excel or is there a module for access for soemthing like this?

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