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Th0r S1mpson 01-31-03 01:56 AM

Best way to share files over the internet without FTP?
Okay, so I just built this awesome php uploader for a client of mine. He wants his customers to be able to upload files, then have other people (with permissioned access) be able to retrieve these files.

Works great. Only problem? The account at Verio only allows for transfer of up to 8MB (post_max_size). Verio support cannot change htis because it would affect all accounts on the server.

My client needs up to 50MB. I also cannot create multiple user accounts in order to just grant FTP access to folders on his server.

So... I'm exploring other options. Want to find something as low cost as possible.

This is about all I could come up with: http://www.xdrive.com/index.jsp

He wants something just like the Business/Workgroup plan there only it could have fewer features and preferably lower cost.

Anyone have any ideas?

4KRG 01-31-03 05:20 PM

Thor :confused:



If I understand correctly, you built a php uploader but can't use it because verio only allows 8mb a day transfer and you need 50mb.

Easy Solution, drop verio and go with a provider that gives you what you need. Explain to verio since they can not provide the service you need you are canceling your account with them.

If I didn't understand you correctly, try again. Use small words and type slowly ;)

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