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Chad 01-28-03 09:29 PM

Best Dial-Up ISP In Terms Of Features?
I've been a member of Prodigy for the last eight years, of course now known as SBC/Yahoo Dial. Ever since the SBC transition, I've had nothing but trouble (ie, constant disconnects, slow connections, etc). Last month was unable to connect for four days!

And even though all the Prodigy features such as my email address, additional ids, webspace, and message boards are supposedly going to carry over, most are speculating they won't last very long. In other words, it's time to switch providers. Trying to find the ISP with the most features such as:

Additional ID's/E-Mail Addresses (currently have 10 extra)
Webpage (currently have 15 MB)
Usenet access - able to download binary files
GOOD customer service, with the emphasis on good.

So far Earthlink is my first choice, but it only offers 10 MB of webspace and 8 additional email addresses. Is this the best I'm probably going to do? I'm even willing to consider AOL. :eek:

Unfortunately DSL is not an option for me, as I've been told that I'm just short of the Central office. And there's no way I'm trusting my cable company for internet access.

Please help!

Thunderball 01-28-03 09:46 PM

I've always liked Earthlink. Just my .02 I even use them for DSL

mee2 01-29-03 01:35 AM

I've been with MSn for 3 years and have had no problems whatsoever.

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