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eXcentris 01-28-03 05:08 PM

CD-RW drive - This LG or this Yamaha?
I need a CD-RW drive. Should I get the LG CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo or the Yamaha CD-RW?



I assume the Yamaha would be the better CD-RW drive. Is LG reliable? Are these "combo" drives reliable?

eedoon 01-29-03 12:09 PM

I heard combo drives to be not quite as reliable as conventional drives. I don't know whether it was right or not, but if I were you, I'd get the Yamaha.

twikoff 01-29-03 12:24 PM

179/199??? for a cdrw???
what is this, the early 90s??

CenDyne 52x24x52 CDRW Drive $25 at OfficeDepot Click Here
Discuss (13) Posted 7:13 PM PST 1/28/03 by Ben

Expires Friday! Enter code 16006100 for $25 off $75. Then search for item 512029 to find the CenDyne 52x24x52 CDRW priced at $80 - $25 coupon - $30 rebate [Exp 1/31] = $25 with free shipping. [BizRate]
alot of the cendyne units are rebadges lite-ons.. and besides a plextor drive, your not going to do much better than lite-on

this deal was pulled off bensbargains.net
in this day and age.. there is no way I would spend that much for a cdrw

eXcentris 01-29-03 02:10 PM

1. That's 179/199 CDN $ so about 120/130 USD
2. I don't care about the price, company pays for it. They'll let me spend roughly $150 USD ($225 CDN) on this.
3. I want to buy it at B&M in Canada in case I have problems and I need to exchange it.

I'm in the US now and could get one here and take it back home but if something goes wrong it's a hassle having to return it, etc...
And since I ain't paying for it, well I don't want any trouble. :)

One more thing, if you have a digital camcorder and you want to burn movies on CD's, will a CD-RW do or do you need a DVD-RW?
What's the difference in the formats you can burn???

twikoff 01-29-03 10:09 PM

if the company is paying.. screw those choices.. get yourself a plextor

for the second question.. read about it at vcdhelp.com

Darren Garrison 01-29-03 10:52 PM

If I were buying a CD burner right now, I'd get one of the Disc [email protected] one.


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