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Deadpool 01-27-03 12:11 AM

I'm going to build my own PC
Wish me luck as I try to do this.

Here is what I plan on ordering in the next day or 2. Since I have never put together a PC feedback is welcomed :)

AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Thoroughbred Processor


MSI Motherboard for Socket A (462) Athlon Processors w/ LAN. Model# KT4VL -RETAIL


Case & Power supply

CHIEFTEC Beige Chasis (Mini-Mid Tower) Model DH-01W 450W


I'm doing this for something to do and because my current PC is a slowwwww 366mhz celeron :eek:

I don't play games or do anything intense. Just internet, burning CDs and light word processing stuff. I do plan to get into making DVDs out of VHS tapes. So I would hope this set-up would fit the bill. I plan to buy other parts slowly and build it up over the next few months. XP Pro will be the OS. What do you think?

mee2 01-27-03 12:42 AM

Sounds good, but i would personally go with at least an
XP-2000+ and 515mb, especially if you're considering working with video editing programs.

bill_n_opus 01-27-03 12:56 AM

AFAIK, you can overclock that mother (T-bred 1700) to 2000 levels if you are so inclined. Check out overclockers.com and anandtech.com for the usual info on how to do it. Great value.

As far as your mobo, i'd go for an nforce2 board like the epox or the asus. They seem to be the sh*t now and have the highest performance of all the socket a boards. Take advantage of the dual channel with 2x256 or better yet, 2x512mb and you will be more futureproof without a huge inlay of cash.

Good luck.

el_jer 01-27-03 12:11 PM

I may be headed in that direction myself. It has been 2 years since I have looked at this stuff but I think the new ASUS board, the A7N8Xnx looks like a winner. I don't play games because I have an XBOX but I would mess around with my digital camcorder. It would suprise me to hear that you need a 2.0ghz since I was editing video on a 900mhz thuderbird before. Anyway, the deluxe version has onboard firewire IEEE which is great for video editing. Plus the onboard 5.1 digital sound is more than I will ever need.

If you are hesitant on mounting the Processor and fan Accessmicro will sell combos and test everything for you. Check it out here:


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