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Lowest W powersuppy to run a 1.7 GHZ P4?

I see Enlight sells a 250W powersupply for ATX, would a 235W powersupply run a 1.7GHZ P4?
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Re: Lowest W powersuppy to run a 1.7 GHZ P4?

Originally posted by Gallant Pig
I see Enlight sells a 250W powersupply for ATX, would a 235W powersupply run a 1.7GHZ P4?
Maybe ... if it's a good quality PSU with actual performance numbers and not inflated ones. Check the spec sheet and total up the 5 and 3.3v rails wattage and if it's anywhere above 150-180w then you are doing fine ... maybe depending on how many components you are running.

I would just pick up a cheap psu from a good name like Sparkle or Antec/Enermax if you can afford it and be done with it. Keep in mind that pretty much all psu's made today are produced by the big three - Topower, Delta or Channelwell and it's possible to find good OEM's around that provide great bang for the buck.

IMO, it's better to spend 10-20 bucks extra for peace of mind, quality and stability down the road. If you get a cheap psu and it gives up the ghost there is a good chance that it may take other components with it too - which in all probability will cost more than your initial psu upgrade investment.


*edit* I just checked for you and it's described in the heading as a "p4 power supply". The 300w version is only 6 bucks more BTW.

The Enlight site has no specs for your psu for some reason (obsolescence?) but I found probably it's identical twin at the Ehance PSU site here

Notice that the combined 5 and 3.3v rails are rated at 145w max. I'd be willing to bet that your PSU has ident performance.

The upshot is that there is a good chance the Enlight will do a decent job as long as you aren't powering too many components with it.
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