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Aghama 01-16-03 06:39 PM

XP and my secondary IDE channel won't play nice
I have a DVD-ROM drive and an 80 gig Maxtor I want on the same IDE channel. I've tried CS and M/S, and while they both show up in the BIOS XP will either freeze at the splash screen or the DVD-ROM drive doesn't show up. They each work fine if only one is hooked up.

Any suggestions?

TLamm 01-16-03 06:44 PM

So wht not put them each on there own ID channel? If you have something on the other channel mix it with the dvd.. Many IDE drives do not play well with others.

X 01-16-03 06:44 PM

What Maxtor? Is it ATA/66 or above? Are you using an 80-connector, 40-pin cable? Did you put both drives in CS?

Aghama 01-17-03 12:31 PM

I already have 2 hard drives on my primary channel. This hard drive is going to be used in my car mp3 player, so I want it on the secondary.

It's ATA/66 or 100, and I've tried with both 80 & 40 pin cables. I've set both to CS, and also tried M/S both ways.

But I got it to work well enough last night. When the hard drive is plugged in I can't see my DVD ROM drive, but it shows up when the HD is disconneted. Since I'm going to be using the HD very rarely, this isn't really a big deal.

Thanks though.

X 01-17-03 12:38 PM

Then I'd try removing both devices from XP in Device Manager and let it reinstall them after a reboot. See what happens.

What is the DVD-ROM drive?

Aghama 01-17-03 01:35 PM

Well, as it stands right now the HD is set to master in an enclose that's would be kinda irritating to dis and reassemble. Since the only time both devices show up in the BIOS is when they're set to CS, I'm not really keen on trying that right now. No idea about the brand of the drive.

X 01-17-03 01:41 PM

I was suggesting a software remove. You don't have to touch the hardware. Go into My Computer's properties and find the Device Manager. Remove them from there. (Just make sure you get the right hard drive!)

gcribbs 01-17-03 02:01 PM

have you tried moving the second drive from the primary over and seeing if it works with the dvdrom drive.

Aghama 01-17-03 02:50 PM

X: Well, I figure that if they're not both showing up in the BIOS that problem supercedes anything that Windows is doing

gcribbs: I haven't, but up until this weekend I had a 20 gigger on the secondary along with the dvdrom. And if you're suggesting a permanent switch, I would rather have two permanent hard drives on the same channel so they can both use ATA/100.

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