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glitch 11-26-02 02:17 AM

Opinions on IncrediMail?
Hi Everyone,
I just downloaded a new email program called IncrediMail. It has a few cute features that I like but I wonder about the security of it. I kind of works like Outlook express where it automatically opens your email at the bottom of the screen. I wonder about the safety of useing it with all those email viruses around. Anyone know anything about it?

Heres the link for you to download it for free(has some advertisement link put at the bottom of the emails you send unless you get the $30 registered version).
IncrediMail Website

RoQuEr 11-26-02 04:48 PM

Well most virus don't work if you don't use a Standard program like outlook, or windows for that matter, so you should be safer.

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