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mrkent 10-21-02 07:06 PM

SBC/Yahoo DSL...YEA or NAY?? (So. CAL area)
So I've been thinking about switching ISP for a wahile becaues of price. Now that there is SBC/Yahoo for 29.95 for the first 6 months, I acquired about it.

Does anyone have their service? How is it? Always "ON" like they say or just a bunch of BULL? Is it for sure that it's always the speed guaranteed?

Just needed some FYI...THANKS!

Blake 10-21-02 11:12 PM

DSL is always on. You're pretty much just getting the standard PacBell (SBC) DSL with a nice little Yahoo! name on top of it that everyone recognizes.

If you want DSL, go for it. I'd recommend cable, but the differences between the two are subtle - I've just never had any problems with cable.

deluis 10-22-02 03:31 AM

The first thing you should do before deciding to go with yahoo dsl, is to check whether it's available in your area. Also check to see if cable is available in your area also.

Myself, I couldn't go with cable because it wasn't available in my area, but dsl was. So I choose to go with earthlink dsl because I was already a customer with them and they offered me the same deal as the yahoo dsl (6 months for $29.95).

And as I am writing this post, I am using my new earthlink dsl for the first time. :D

mrkent 10-22-02 12:30 PM

Well, when I said Always "ON", I meant if it was reliable. I heard SBC sucks, especially with email. I was hoping that someone actually hopped on the band-wagon and had hands-on with it. There is no trial period and I don't want a year commitment on something that works 50% of the time.

shaun3000 10-22-02 12:31 PM

Check out reviews at http://www.dslreports.com

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