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RoQuEr 10-10-02 01:22 AM

IDE cable layout?
OK I have 4 IDE devices and 2 cables. On one cable I have the master and slave HD, and the other has a cd burner and a dvd player. An error message got me thinking that this is not an optimal arrangement. Message basically said that the IDE bus is incapable of multitasking, thus doing things like on the fly burning would have lots of errors. I haven't noticed this, but I do have alot of problems with the DVD drive. I often have to put disks in there 2 or three times before it recognizes a disc is present. I alwaly figured this was because it was a crappy dvd drive.

Should I put one cd drive on the HD cable? Will that slow it down?

Also, one drive is ATA133 capable. Is it worth buying a PCI card to use that capability? I'm only using it to store MP3 and avi files.

belboz 10-10-02 03:30 AM

There's really no optimal configuration that's going to work best in all cases. You'll find that some people will recommend HD's on one channel and optical drives on the other. Some other people will recommend having a HD and optical drive on each channel. There's good arguements for both configurations, but quite often it basically comes down to trying them both and picking whichever works the best.

Personally, I try to avoid using more than one device per IDE channel wherever possible. So, if you've got a free PCI slot, an additional IDE controller would be a good way to go.

asabase 10-10-02 07:33 AM

Ideally, everything would be on its own channel. I had my DVD and CDRW on one channel a long time ago and never had problems though. My new motherboard supports 12 drives at once, so I have 6 connectors to use so now everything has it's own channel.

Sharing channels won't cause something to not work, it might slow it down is all. The only case where this is a real problem is during 'on the fly' burning but I think 'burnproof' takes care of that. Not sure though.

BT 10-10-02 03:20 PM

Sounds like a crappy DVD drive. But you can test that theory by taking off the other CD-rom drive from that cable leaving only the DVD attached. See if the problem persists. If not then it was the CD-rom somehow interfering with the DVD.

I think it would be a good investment to get that ATA-133 card. That way your devices can have 1 channel all to themselves. This is the arrangment I have with my computer. I have 2 harddrives, a CDRW, and a DVD-rom. All are on their own IDE channels/cables and I have had no problems at all.


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