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al_bundy 09-24-02 01:06 PM

What is a good starter book for Linux?
I'm playing with RH 7.3. I have some books, but they are mostly advanced stuff and deal with older versions. I'm thinking of getting the RH 7.3 Bible. Any other good books out there?

MichaelBlanton 09-24-02 01:59 PM

I'm reading the RH 7.3 Bible now. Very good book. I'm going to class at their Raleigh headquarters next week, and this is my main prep.

skar 09-24-02 05:17 PM

Most of the linux guru's I've known have a library (ok maybe 5-20 books) from O'Reilly and maybe 1-3 books from other publishers. I recommend "Learning Red Hat Linux". Check out all their Linux books here:


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