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Buying a new CPU and motherboard...any input?

Old 09-11-02, 09:55 AM
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Buying a new CPU and motherboard...any input?

In the next day or two I'm going to be placing an order for an AMD Athlon thoroughbred 2200+ and new motherboard. There seem to be several nice KT333 boards but I'm looking pretty closely at the Epox 8K5A2+.

A couple RAID or not? Most of these KT333 boards are available with or without RAID controllers for $20 difference. But do I really need one? At this point I have one hard drive and an IDE CD-RW. My DVD-ROM is SCSI and if I were to buy another CD-RW I'd get a SCSI. I have RAID on this motherboard I have now, and I've disabled it. I'm either stupid or it's disfunctional and I could not get my drive to boot from it, so to avoid the extra boot time I just disabled it. I don't know that I need RAID at all. Seems like people tell me I should get one just for the extra IDE space but if I don't need it I don't need it, right? If I find a good enough reason I WILL still buy a RAID board.

I'm thinking of buying a retail CPU. I don't have a compelling reason to overclock this setup so I won't be doing that. This last Athlon was an OEM but I went through three fans before I found one that kept it cool enough and that was quiet enough (Volcano II). Any opinions there?
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Old 09-11-02, 01:42 PM
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Asus A7V333 w/o raid. That would be one of my first considerations. seems to really like the Asus among others. It's up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff in the end of course.

RAID isn't a big deal for me so it's not worth it.

Wait a minute, with your SCSI devices do you have to have some sort of controller card to hook them up? I figure you have a SCSI controller card. I don't know SCSI at all so i'm thinking that you can hook up your IDE to your SCSI card at the same time?

In any case, if you need more exposure you should check out the Forums among other places.
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Old 09-11-02, 02:36 PM
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There is no consensus top VIA KT333 mobo. I own an Epox (KT266A) and really like it.

I wouldn't purchase a retail AMD cpu. The heatsink/fan is comes with is quite small. (At least compared to my current Volcano 6Cu) I don't know how it performs because I scratched the heatsink before install. For the price difference between retail/OEM you should be able to find a better heatsink/fan. If you avoid the 7000 RPM fans, noice shouldn't be a big deal.
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Old 09-11-02, 08:57 PM
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AnandTech's review of the Asus board from a couple of months ago has made me shy away from that one. I've owned more Asus than any other mainboards but my last one had some issues. The particular complaints he had about the A7V333 were things that are important to me.

Actually several forum members at the AnandTech boards recommended the Epox. Really several of the KT333 boards are looking pretty good so I'm not so much concerned about the model right now as I am whether to get one with a RAID controller or not.

I guess I'll do some research on HSF units. My thought was, AMD surely would use one that would cool the cpu sufficiently no matter how pathetic it looks. And I'm not overclocking this machine. I might post the CPU question over there at AnandTech. The only thing is so many guys are into overclocking that they automatically think of going with monster fans. I just no longer have a compelling reason to OC with fast CPUs being more affordable these days. Alas, Athlons are hard to keep cool anyway so it probably doesn't hurt having a better cooler either though.
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I have the Soyo SYKT333 mobo and love it. It's got RAID, which I have yet to utilize (will be used once I'm able to get back to work and upgrade my system). The on-board audio is very nice and everything else has worked out perfectly. It's easily overclockable and the 4 USB2.0 ports are a nice addition.
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Old 09-11-02, 11:06 PM
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Some people around my area love the Gigabyte GA 7VRX( VIA KT333, DDR333, ata133, USB 2.0, Audio).

or if you want RAID then the GA 7VRXP(+)( VIA KT333, DDR333, ata133, USB 2.0, Raid, Audio).

Some others like the Epox EP-8K3A (KT333, ATA133, DDR333) or for a bit more you can get RAID on that.

There are many other offerings to look at ranging from Soltek, Soyo, Abit, MSI, AOpen ... among others.

Good luck.
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