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Need to upgrade my Dell Memory (ATTN 4KRG)

Old 09-09-02, 09:41 PM
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Need to upgrade my Dell Memory (ATTN 4KRG)

(This message can be directed towards anyone, I just put 4KRG's name in the title because he didn't respond to the email I sent 5 days ago. )

Last year you recommended that I purchase a Dell Optiplex 400 or at least you said you had some and they were good systems). Anyway, I love the computer, blah blah blah.... Thanks.

But, now I want to upgrade my memory from 256 to at *least* 512. Do I HAVE to purchase the memory from Dell? I looked on Crucial's site, and they didn't carry that type. Dell sells it for more money than I want to spend right now.

Am I stuck?
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Old 09-09-02, 10:43 PM
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If Crucial doesn't carry memory for your Dell, it's most likely because your system uses RDRAM which Crucial/Micron doesn't manufacture. You may want to check Kingston's site as they should have it.

Unfortunately, RDRAM lost the memory war against DDR-SDRAM so it's volumes remain relatively low and is therefore a bit pricier. As you shop for memory, you'll want to make sure that the new memory you buy matches your existing memory in speed and error correction capability.
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Old 09-10-02, 01:33 AM
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There should be a sub category in here, for all of 4KRG's questions
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Old 09-10-02, 01:47 AM
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dek, the thought crossed my mind more than once...

If I wanted, could I just remove my current memory and by a single stick of 512 from Crucial for half the price of another stick of RDRAM 256 from Kingston (which I did find on their site).

Or am I limited to only using the RDRAM with my system?
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Old 09-10-02, 10:52 AM
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yeah that email account got so overrun with SPAM that I simply can not use it anymore, sorry.

I will email you a better email for me, one that I look at more than once a week

You can buy RDram from Newegg.

Yes, crucial is good ram, but most people will never realize it's benefits.

In the Dell, almost any brand will work, it is not picky

I have used Cosair, Kingston, Simple Tech.

Do not worry about ECC vs Non-ECC, the Dell will make all RAM the lesser of what is installed and in a Desktop machine it does not really matter.

A 256mb stick will run you $100, a 128mb about $60 @ newegg

To add 512 will cost $200
To add 256 will cost $120 <---- this one will put you at 512 total ram, you can add it to the 256 you have now.

Use them in pairs, unless your optiplex 400 is a pentium III.

I saw a place on pricewatch selling Samsung 128mb for $50, that will work just fine.

You can watch the coupons on a techbargain site and maybe get 15% off + free shipping from Dell.
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Old 09-10-02, 11:43 AM
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Originally posted by heimerSWT
Or am I limited to only using the RDRAM with my system?

You do need to use only RDRAM, other types won't work. Also, even though this was mentioned above, you need to instal them in pairs. If you want to add an extra 256mb you get 2x128, for an extra 512 get 2x256, etc. The only reason I'm pointing that out again is I've had two friends try to upgrade their RDRAM and end up really confused when they can't get it to work with just one stick.
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Cool, thanks for the help guys.

4KRG, I sent you a reply.
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