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upgrading a computers processor

Old 09-08-02, 11:34 PM
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upgrading a computers processor

Our local newspaper donated about 20 computers that were phased out, to the elementary school I work at. WE plan on having a drawing to give away most of them to our students, but I would like to upgrade a few of them for use at school. All of the computers were either Compac or Dell in the 133 mhz range. When I upgrade the processor, do I have to replace the whole motherboard, or just the processor? Does it have to be a Dell processor, or will any work? Anything else I should know before I go ebaying?
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1. You can just replace the CPU.
2. Any CPU will work as long as it fits. There are many different kinds of sockets with different number of pins and pin configurations.
3. Ebaying? The 133MHz computers have no monetary value.
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Old 09-08-02, 11:41 PM
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ebaying for new processors. Anyone know of a better source for older processors, maybe in the 300-500 mhz range?

Thanks for the quick reply!

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2. Any CPU will work as long as it fits.
Not really. Some processors have different voltage requirements (you can "fry" the chip if it is incorrect). Also, the MB may not support the correct jumper settings for the chip. It may run, but not at the rated speed. I doubt they will accept 300-500mhz chips. AMD made some in this range, but they would not work on early Pentium MBs.

It is definitly not worth upgrading the MB and probably not even the processor, but if you still want to try; make sure the computer will support a better processor before buying one. If you can't tell by looking at the MB, there may be some websites that will give you information on upgrading Compaq and Dell computers.
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I've had success with using K6-2s on old Socket 7 boards with 166s. Check to see if all the Compaqs and all the Dells have the same type of motherboard. Then buy a 450mhz or 550mhz AMD K6-2 from a local computer store(~$40) and try it in each of the motherboards.
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You're better off buying new ones. If I remember rightm the motherboards that took the 133MHz's maxed out at 166MHz CPU's. Anything higher needs a new motherboard. Voltage requirements, pin compatibility and compatibility with BIOS and chipsets.
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If you're sticking with the original Pentium CPU, the best you could conceivably do is 233Mhz (assuming the motherboards support that speed). You've really got to ask yourself - is it worth the time & hassle to try to find the CPUs, test them, & swap them, for something that's still going to be very out of date...
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Upgrading is not really an option. What is your budget?

For around $120 per computer, you can install a new 800mhz CPU/Motherboard/Power Supply/128mb SDRAM. I can help you if you need to find components.

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