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Running Kazaa on a school network...

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Running Kazaa on a school network...

I just moved into my dorm this past weekend, and found that they have a firewall up to defeat Kazaa and similar programs. Does anyone have any utilities or ways of configuring Kazaa that I can use to bypass or work around the firewall?
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Heh heh... Your school obviously doesn't want people using Kazaa. Best bet is to move to an apartment off campus and get dsl.

My school allows us to though, but with many restrictions like no more than three dls at the same time and NO sharing files, etc.
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Since I don't know what school you are at, I can only speak generically (no specific server names or specific methods).

First, I don't know if you have a generic student account, a class-specific one, or a server-specific account. Different schools have different combinations of these or even all three. Here in the Seattle area, you can find the three types available depending on the school. Also, if your entire school has implemented a common-server methodology (all servers will have a common security and access package), then you are probably SOL. In community colleges, this is typically the case, but at universities where many departments and even separate buildings run their own semi-independent servers, this is not necessarily the case. If you login to a server that isn't running the block, then you are back in business. The trick is finding a server that hasn't installed the standardized block as of yet. My advice is to find one in a building or area that is populated by "rogue" server administrators who haven't blocked the server at their location because they or their friends are quietly using that server for P2P. I know this is quite possible as it has been done here in the Seattle area at a university....

A generic student account typically can login at most sites on the campus. The server that you login at will check for permission at the central site that keeps your access status current. One of these types of accounts has the best chance of bypassing the kazaa restrictions depending on where you login at.

A class-specific one is usually too risky to use for Kazaa. Not recommended. Some schools will remove your computing privileges for a semester or year if you P2P with a class-specific one. These types of accounts are getting rarer. One of the local community colleges had these, but had abandoned them in favour of server-specific accounts as a way of controlling costs.

A server-specific account means you are SOL. The blocking is done at that server, and if all you can do is use that specific student server, then you are out of luck unless your account has been granted exemption from blocking.

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my honest response. Is don't bother. If you are that desperate, use a lancrawler like mp3voyeur and leech off your neighbors, or use ftp or usenet to get your fix
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try configuring it for a different port if kazaa allows that. I know most of those file sharing programs do
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I use winMX, and I was able to get around a firewall at work with it, so you might try that.

However, I've seen the networks at college dorms, and there's almost no reason to use any P2P file sharing program. Start asking around and see what's shared. It almost makes me want to be back at college. almost.
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