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Phil Pugliese 07-31-02 01:35 PM

All-in-one printer combos for $200.00 range?
I am buying a Dell 8200 and I am looking at these combos to replace my HP 722 and scanner. How is the Lexmark X83 vs. the others out there. A priority will be on printing particulatly photos. Res on the Lex is 2400x1200. I will go up to 300 if there is justification. Any suggestions?

redscare24 08-02-02 10:12 AM

Not sure which one is the best. I think I'm going to go with the X83. But here's some good links to cheap prices.






MichaelBlanton 08-02-02 12:06 PM

I have an X83 and it's a great printer. It makes exceptional color copies.

Be sure to buy the high capacity ink refill carts. 3x the ink for about 40% more cost.

ProjectMayhem 08-02-02 07:02 PM

I bought a Lexmark x73 for $150 about 6 months ago and I love it! Prints, scans and copies fast! Well worth it, if you ask me...

I'm sure the x83 is better...

Phil Pugliese 08-04-02 06:16 AM

Thanks for the input, it looks like the X83 will be the choice, and it just went down to $169.00!

agent2099 08-04-02 11:21 AM

In my experience you get better performance at the same price for buying seperate components. I would only get a combo is space is a serious issue.

Michael T Hudson 08-04-02 01:43 PM

That is funny you should ask this. Dell is giving away a free FREE LexmarkTM X73 with an 8200 purchase you can also get the 100 dollars off the X83 with purchase.

Phil Pugliese 08-04-02 07:49 PM

Thanks BD for the heads up. As daid in the e-mail, hopefully something will be there at the end of the month, you have my e-mail, please keep me posted.

ShoeBoy 08-09-02 04:32 PM

I just picked up a HP V40 for my dad from Costco for $189.99.

I hate the Lexmark crap with a passion. A lady at work got one free with her Dell computer. I installed all the software for the device and it added all this extra crap. I ended up finding out some of it was spyware, and you did not have the option to install the printer software without the spyware. EPH Lexmark.

Startide 08-10-02 03:46 PM

The Lexmark X83 was $169 and the HP v40 was $199 at a local Wal-Mart. I'm amazed at how the prices have dropped; it makes me feel strange when I look at my own HP inkjet (at least it has the automatic two-sided paper reverser so that it can print on both sides). The inkjet cartridges used by the HP unit are the "15" black cartridge (25mL) and "78" colour cartridge (19mL per colour) which are the current "best" carts that HP has for home usage printers. I'd rather see the easily refilled high-capacity "45" (51645) cart instead of the "15", but such is life.

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