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tygloalex 07-24-02 02:46 PM

I burned a VCD
and if I try to read it on my comp, it's properties say it is 2.5 megs big. It won't read without powerdvd or something, huh? Or did I burn it wrong? It took forever to burn.


goLUCKY 07-24-02 03:38 PM

Did you burnit on the fly? what program did you use to durn it?

huzefa 07-24-02 03:47 PM

Go into the CD using windows explorer and search for a file ending in .dat. There should be atleast one (or maybe more) depending on what you burned. If it's there, then the VCD is most likely ok. Try using power vcd instead of power dvd. Also try using windows media player to open it.

tygloalex 07-25-02 02:43 AM

I used Nero. I copied it directly from vcdhelp.com. The damn_thing looks like it is full, but properties say it has some weird files and the whole thing is 2.5 megs. I need a frigin Apex :(

Mitsurugi 07-25-02 09:57 AM

look in the mpegav folder, there will be a .dat file and just use windows media player. Check the .dat file to see how big it is. When I checked the size of one of my vcds is say 2.15 megs.

tygloalex 07-25-02 10:23 AM

Yup, sweet, thanks :)

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