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Souljahh 07-02-02 07:35 PM

Anyone buy a pc through pcinfinity.net?
I was recommended buying a pc through www.pcinfinity.net on my other thread. Their prices are very good but I was wondering if they're reliable. How's their customer service? Anyone know?

What about www.ibuypower.com? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

UWSarge 07-02-02 10:43 PM

Check out resellerratings.com for some reviews of both.



X 07-02-02 11:43 PM

Thanks for realizing the correct forum for this thread. I closed your other one. :)

JT_97Neon 07-03-02 12:20 AM

I recently purchased a new case and a case fan from pcinfinity.net. The prices were good and they shipped in a couple days but, they forgot to send me the case fan. They replied to my email within an hour or two and said they would rush one out. So it seems that they will fix any problems quickly.

Just my experience, YMMV.

Souljahh 07-03-02 01:22 AM

thanks for the links UWSarge. I'm definitely not getting from pcinfinity, yikes almost everyone wasn't happy with them.

Doug Heffernan 07-03-02 01:18 PM

That is just insane, i got the recommendation for anandtech, and no less than 5 people I know have bought from them - no problems. If you are of the faint of heart, or are buying for parents etc, I guess it's best to go with someone liek Dell and pay more money. My reccomendation still stands.

Also, only people with problems tend to post reviews at any site. How many people do you think are unhappy with gateway, dell, or compaq? Just a thought. Good Luck.

Doug Heffernan 07-03-02 02:04 PM


Ranger 07-03-02 02:57 PM

What about http://www.abspc.com ?
Their prices are very good and you can pick out all the parts and they will build it for you. I am getting my next computer there.

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