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How good are E-Machines really?

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How good are E-Machines really?

They get great consumer reviews over Hewlett Packard and other name brands, and seemed to be priced right, but when I see a computer with all the specs they have for such a low price, a red flag goes up instantly. Is there anything I should be leery of that I haven't found in looking up reviews of these computers on line?
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Old 07-01-02, 03:06 PM
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Short story - You get what you pay for in the world of computers and emachines suck.

Consumers that give them good reviews are ignorant and do not know the difference between a good and bad computer.

Emachines uses low quality low performance components in their machines. I have taken several apart and have seen the crap they put inside.

Emachines warranty is worthless to anyone that NEEEDS their computer to run. My sister bought one of these because she thought I was asking for too much money to build her one (at my cost and no labor charge). She later found out how bad Emachiens suck.

The machine locked up on a regular basis (much more so than a typical windows 98 machine should)

One day her power supply went bad and the machien would not turn on, she called emachines to get a new one. They confirmed it was bad and 4 months later she got a power supply. Yes, 4 months and 100 phone calls later.

Lucky for her I had a power supply I installed in her machine while she waited.

For $100 more, you could own a low end Dell Dimension. Check for the weekly deals and how to aquire them. There is really no reason not too, if the $100 is that much of a factor then maybe computers are not the hobby for you
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I am on the other end

I had an E-Machine for well over a year with no problems at all!

I bought it for about $200 and sold it for $200 a few months ago so it was a good bargain for me.

It is still working fine to this day to the person I sold it to also
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Old 07-01-02, 03:32 PM
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Emachines are horrible, don't even bother!! The actual PCs are crap and their customer service is horrible. My girlfriend and I bought a T1400 in Feb. and it's one of the worst decisions I ever made. The thing was shutting down on it's own constantly, when I called they said it was the power supply. They sent out a new power supply, I replaced it and the problem was still happening. I called them again, they told me it was probably the motherboard and I would have to send it in to them. I sent it (actually, I bought a Dell and then sent it in under warranty ), got it back and tested it. When I tested it it wouldn't start at all, it was worse than when I sent it in the first time. I called again, they told me that they couldn't see any problems so they just sent it back to me. It's at their warehouse right now supposedly being fixed, I can't wait to get this thing back so I can sell it. They don't have a toll free customer service line so every call iss a toll call to Utah. When it wasn't fixed the first time it was no longer the problem of the customer service reps, I had to call the warehouse on my own and tell them they didn't fix my computer. When you call the warehouse no one answers the phone, you leave a message and they call you back in a few days (it says 24 hours but that hasn't happened yet). Also, just to add a little more aggravation to this whole mess, I moved two weeks ago. I was supposed to have the computer back by the time I moved, a manager at the warehouse "guaranteed" it would be back to me within a week. Well, it wasn't back within a week so I called to tell them to change my address. I changed it with them three times, they told me it was all set and today I found out they shipped it to my old address....

Sorry for rambling, I guess I could have just said eMachines suck and moved on . eMachines suck, don't waste your time or money on one.
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emachines may be the worse computing product since packard bell
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Originally posted by jumbojp
I am on the other end

I had an E-Machine for well over a year with no problems at all!

I bought it for about $200 and sold it for $200 a few months ago so it was a good bargain for me.

It is still working fine to this day to the person I sold it to also
Even bad companies and bad quality equipment will work right once in a while.

If you had a 1000 emachines, most of them would give you headaches and a handful would run perfectly fine.

Why take the chance?
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Old 07-02-02, 12:17 AM
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it depends on what applications you normally run... heavy then emachines will be suxors.... if its for high school stuff, then its a so-so deal for students...
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I know someone who bought an Emonster from Emachine when they were still trying to crack into the middle price range of computers. They stopped that line I believe.

It is still running strong however it was heavily discounted when she got it and I was willing to provide free tech support so it was not a bad deal for her.

I would go for a dell instead.
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Originally posted by 4KRG

Why take the chance?
I personally wouldn't take a chance again. I would never recomend buying one I just gave my experience with the one I had.

Like many people I build and service my own PC's now and would never buy ANY premade machine again
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I had one, and now my sisters have it.

It's a garbage POS.
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I have one and it has run fine as a server for my home based network... It is on 24 hours a day...

Would I receommend one?


You can get a dell for ~$650. That is a 1.8 P4 with all the bells and whistles...

That is not much more than an emachines and you don't have to mess with all the rebates...

Dell uses top of the line components and their customer servers is Great!
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my friend runs a small business, and i set up a new emachine for him when his Dell died. He loves it. He runs lots of high-end graphic applications, financial software, etc. and has never had a problem. He also has it networked on his LAN and no problems there. It was pretty nice since he got it at less than half the price of a comparably equiped compaq, HP or dell.
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I have a T1440 and it works and runs perfect. The thing is great. I also have a Gateway (tons of problems) and a Compact ( also tons of problems). So far I have been really happy with the emachine.
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I have a 366mhzID. I have had it for more than 3 years, not ONE problem. Never crashed, nothing. My dad spent $2,500 for his custom HP, and it crashed constantly.
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garbage. cheap, very low quality, slow. everything and their moma is onboard - video, sound, nic (if it has one), modem (i think)...

my parents bought one a few years, and it really blows.
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(sorry 4KRG) The first computer I got (around 2 1/2 years ago) was an eMonster550. After having it for about 15 months, I built a new machine from the empty case up. I still have and use the Monster, but not as much as the 'new' one. It was a great machine for me as a beginner, and still proves to be a useful and dependable machine. I keep Windows 98 on the Monster, and I run XP on the newer one. Some hardware/software that I have isn't compatable with XP so I run it on the ol' trusty Monster.

I think any system can give trouble, and probably some more than others. A lady I work with bought a Sony P4 and she's had more trouble the last three months than I've had with both of my computers ever.
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