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asabase 06-30-02 09:30 AM

Best (free) pop-up blocker software?
I guess I finally reached my breaking point today while browsing a fortunecity webpage. What is the best free software out there that will stop popups?

Ben732 06-30-02 11:19 AM

I use Pop-Up Stopper from panicware... you can buy it but there's also a freeware version. It blocks ALL popups if you have it turned on, but can bypass the stopper if you hold down SHIFT or CTRL...


huzefa 06-30-02 11:35 AM

Try PopUp Filter from www.meaya.com Works great, looks nice and you can disable it by just pressing the shift button.

ZakVTA 06-30-02 05:35 PM

I use pop-up stopper like Ben732 suggested. It works great. You just have to know which sites you want a pop-up from and hold down the ctrl button when you need it. Also same thing if you want a new browser window.

belboz 06-30-02 06:46 PM

I've been using Mozilla 1.0 for the last couple weeks. It's got some nice features including integrated support for controlling some annoying javascript behaviors like pop-up windows. It's smart enough to tell the difference between a site trying to spotaneously pop up an ad vs. my clicking on something at the site that requires a new window. Also it can stop pages from resizing or moving the browser window.

It has some rendering quirks with some sites, including this one, but it's hard to tell if they're bugs or if it's just that everyone has designed their site with IE page rendering as the de facto standard.

Eeyore 06-30-02 07:38 PM

I was going to also suggest Mozilla. it is much more user-configurable than IE and has solved all the things that used to irritate the heck out of me, such as pop-ups and IE only allowing you to use MSN search. Mozilla lets you pick what search engine you want to use by default (i pick google) and also is a lot more forgiving when you put in URLs. (for instance: put in "DVDTALK" without quotes in IE and you get the search page. in Mozilla it takes you right to dvdtalk.com)


X 06-30-02 07:39 PM

This has been asked and answered so many times here! Please try the threads below or do your own search for "pop-up".



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