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kantonburg 06-27-02 06:33 PM

New video card whoas...please help
Just got the new Radeon All in wonder 7500. Installed it and everything is fine except my display at 1152x864.

I had a CL TNT2 Ultra and am using a MAG DX700T (trinitron). Now that I have the all in wonder my display has that "flicker" especially viewing a webpage.

You know that flicker you see on a monitor when your refresh rate is set at 60Hz in a room with incadescent (sp?) lighting. Well I never got that with my TNT2 Ultra.

I've tried 60Hz - 100Hz and it all is the same. It works fine at 1024x768 but I want a smaller resolution. I mean I've been running at 1152x864 for years now on this 17".

Any ideas?


zuffy 06-27-02 10:06 PM

If you have the ATI drivers loaded, you should see a Dsiplays tab in the Display properties. From there, you can set your maximum resolution and refresh rate that your monitor can support. Once you set that, you can change the resolution and refresh.

kantonburg 06-27-02 10:09 PM

I've already done that. No matter what I set the resolution to whether it's 60Hz or 100Hz the monitor only displays at 60Hz (I see this by pressing the monitor controls) at 1152x864 at above.

It'll work fine at 1024x768 @ 75Hz and even 85Hz if you uncheck the box to allow non-supported refresh rates.

It's so weird and Maginnovision.com is down. Why would my TNT2 Ultra do this fine and not this card?


kantonburg 06-27-02 10:12 PM

Ha...I just re-read your post and I see what you mean. There is a sub display menu within the ATI property tab.

Worked fine. Thanks a ton. These little things really irritate me. LOL

zuffy 06-27-02 11:57 PM

ATI is a pain in the ass for that.

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