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mrkent 06-25-02 01:35 AM

Question and Opinions about PDA v Pocket PC
So I'm in the market for something new, and I'm consider a Pocket PC. What do you all think? I have an old Palm IIIxe right now. I have no problems with with, but I was hoping that I can utilize the recorder feature that I heard is available on that Compaq iPAQ. I wanted to use it to record notes from my classes.

My question is for anyone who has an iPAQ.

Can I use the iPAQ to record 1 1/2 hour lecture?
Does the Palm have this feature?
Is it worth spending 500 dollars (There is one @ Costco) for one?

I also own some Memory Sticks and I was hoping that the Sony Clie has this offer. I've done some research and notice that they seem to favor a camera instead of a voice recorder.

Can anyone help? All is appreciated.

sfsdfd 06-26-02 06:23 PM

I owned different Palm models for three years, then upgraded to an iPaq last September.

The hardware on the PocketPCs is much nicer: gorgeous color screens, faster processor speeds and raw input (though not necessarily more accurate handwriting recognition), and more memory.

However, I'm greatly disappointed with the OS and the software base. They're not noticeably better than Palm-based apps. And the new quirks in the software nullify the minor advances they've made. And, sadly, the number one reason I bought an iPaq - wireless Internet - has tanked, since Bluetooth support is virtually nonexistent.

I wouldn't buy an iPaq again. Maybe in three years, when they have apps that justify this kind of pocket processing power. But the benefits are negligible and don't justify the cost increase.

- David Stein

Alyoshka 06-26-02 10:05 PM

I honestly don't know about IPAQ and it's recording benefits...but I do know a little of what the palm can do. Their is a pad that you can handwrite and it'll synch into your wordsmith program in the palm. The other option is to use a foldable keyboard and wordsmith to take notes.

I know that's not vocal recording but it would be effective. I personally don't like vocal recordings of notes because I prefer it in text at some point, however, you might just prefer hearing to reading to learn.

young 06-26-02 10:43 PM

well, the ipaq is better than most palm displays... except the color sonys. to be honest, they both have the functionality that i was looking for - calendar, contacts, todos, etc... basic stuff.

so i went by looks... if i were to buy one today, i'd get the sony NRV70 (the one that flips around, and has a built in basic camera).

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