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Eeyore 06-22-02 06:29 AM

moving with DSL
I will be moving soon, but will likely be able to keep the same phone number because I'm within the same interchange. Earthlink says that this will be less than 1 year so I have to pay the $175 early-termination fee (I will be TWO DAYS away from one full year) or they will allow me to avoid that fee if I continue service at my new address, but that will cost $95 to relocate my service.

I don't really know how DSL works relative to your phone number or whether it is completely separate... but if the phone company just relocates my service, will the DSL line follow, or will I need to "relocate" it and pay the hefty fee? I was planning to continue with earthlink anyway, but that just sounds like a lot of $$. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about these things?

hypeiv 06-22-02 02:34 PM

if its only two days just pay your last month off without the two days and then sign a completely new contract.... as long as people are moving in the day after you move out and if you can go 2 days without your phone that maybe able to save your alot of money.

The phone company has to do something to your line before you can get dsl service so it won't follow your phone number after the phone company changes your number earthlink still needs the phone company to switch your line so you can get dsl service.

Mole177 06-22-02 05:10 PM

where abouts are you moving? is it a great distance?

huzefa 06-22-02 05:12 PM

Why can't you just cancel the phone line, and request it two days later at your new place? That way, earthlink won't know anything about it (since if you called them up and said your phone was not working, they'd just refer you to the phone company). There's lots of ways, but there's no way in hell you should have to pay $150 or even $95.

Eeyore 06-23-02 08:18 PM

i'm moving about 3/4 of a mile down the road.

i was hesitant to start a new contract because i'd like to keep the same email address, but for ninety-some dollars that makes it harder to justify keeping the same address :( we'll just see what they let me do.

Kevlar 06-25-02 12:43 PM

I moved and tried to get my DSL transferred afterhaving it 4 months. They waived my early termination fee because I wanted DSL at my new residence but it was outside the range. I took my modem with me and tried it at the new place, and it worked =).

I went through alot of tech support people and can't really remember exaclty what happend but I was getting DSL for like a year and never got a bill. Then someone went and got my old phone number.... I guess they didn't like that extra 49.99 charge that was coming to them every month so about 2 months later my service stopped abruptly.

I called support and it was a hell of a mess. I think I ended up paying the back payment on the other peoples bill, 2 months worth of service, they let me go on the rest as it really was not my fault. So I got almost a year of DSL free, not too bad.

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