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RAM problems/ Power supply question

Old 06-22-02, 12:31 AM
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RAM problems/ Power supply question

My computer's been having bad problems for a while. I've finally figured out it was my new Crucial RAM (went from 256MB to 512MB) Once I took that stick out my computer has worked perfectly. They're currently sending me my second replacement (they should just give me my money back, as I will probably fry this stick too). My question is this: I checked my power supply and under OUTPUT it says 185W max. This seems quite low. Could too little power be the reason my extra RAM is getting fried? Or is it another problem? It's not the slot since I put only the new stick in the first slot, and I had even worse problems (since I didn't have any good RAM in there).

I'm running WinXP on a 1GHz Athlon, 40GB 7200rpm HD, nVidia GeForce2 GTS, Soundblaster Live, a DVD drive (that doesn't read disks ), a CD burner, 256MB of good pc100 SDRAM trying to go to 512MB(my system's max)

It's a custom built HP 8705a... Next time I'm SO building my own!

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Old 06-22-02, 12:40 AM
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Whoa! A 185 Watts power supply?!
Handling a 1G chip and DVD!!! Definitely must be the problem! Get a new PS at least 300W, they got cheap one like $40-50 that could make a big difference.

Shame on HP for doing that!
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Old 06-22-02, 12:43 AM
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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I didn't know if 185 was a different number than the 300W PSU's, but it's the only number I see on my unit. So could this be frying RAM?

P.S. How standard are power supplies? I want to make sure I get the right one.
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Old 06-22-02, 01:44 AM
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I guess I tend to post without doing enough research, so here's a link I found that could explain my BSOD's and bad RAM:

Excerpted from Maximum PC magazine, April 2000.

Article copyright 2000 Imagine Media, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

You Got the Power!

Oh, the irony: You'll turn up your nose at a non-DDR videocard, or purchase memory according to who fabbed the actual chips, but you'll settle for the cheapest power supply in the world. If there's one underappreciated system component, it's the power supply. But peep this: Running your system with inadequate power is certain to hurt performance and stability.

In fact, some blue screens that people blame on cheap RAM, unstable drivers, or Windows itself can actually be power supply related. Witness the problems that Athlon-based systems have with power supplies that lack ample wattage.

If you're afraid that running a 425W power supply will increase your electricity bills, fear not. A "switching" power supply only pulls out what's needed. If your PC needs 200W total, but you have a 400W supply, the system will only consume 200W. In fact, some power supply vendors say the extra breathing room can actually save you money because the more powerful unit will run cooler and more efficiently than the cheap power supply.

Power regulation is critical. The tighter the power regulation, the closer the power supply comes to its target voltage. Witness, for example, PC Power & Cooling's Turbo-Cool 425W supply. Its regulation on all three lines is 1 percent. Cheaper power supplies generally range from 5 percent to 7 percent.
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Old 06-22-02, 03:31 PM
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jus go for the 400 power supply. those have been recently dropping. plus it can set you up for the next comp you get.
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