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What's the best computer make(value wise)?

Old 06-21-02, 12:23 AM
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What's the best computer make(value wise)?

as far as customer service, reliability, price, etc.

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Old 06-21-02, 02:44 AM
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Customer service - I'm sure all offer warranty that you can purchase

Reliability - better off building your own computer if you are worried about the parts

Price - again, better off buidling your own computer

Your best bet is to buy a base model with a nice processor and upgrade the hell outta it. Fine tune it to your specific needs.

You may run into problems with e-machines (the new packard bell), but other than that, from what I see in the store, everything seems decent. It just all depends on what you plan on using your computer for (ie, gaming, music, video editing...)
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Old 06-21-02, 05:22 AM
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OR, if you'd rather not build your own, all are fine. Having done business with Dell, Gateway and IBM -- I'm most satisfied with Dell. Though all were fine.

I also think if you spend a little time comparing computers, Dell wins on price, it's part of their business model.
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Old 06-21-02, 08:13 AM
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Another happy DELL customer, have had 3 of their PCs and have been pleased with all of them. Great price and quality Can't comment on service, as I never had to use it.
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Old 06-21-02, 09:09 AM
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Re: What's the best computer make(value wise)?


customer service - does not exist

reliability - depends on the model, most low end machines really suck, the higher end ones are not made by gateway so they are not bad. Driver support SUCKS. Post purchase support (like a year later) sucks

price - average

etc. - Gateway is a poor company. After several years experience with them I will never do business with them again (500 + machines) they couldn't care less about their customers


Customer service - is excellent

reliability - Does vary by model, however, the low end even runs well. The high end is very good

Price - you can find great deals if you wait for coupons, specials.

etc. - Dealing with Dell is always pleasent, if I have an issue I know it will get resolved in a timely manor. managers are ready to make you happy within reason

Warranty Repair is ALWAYS speedy, within a day or two.

My experience here is with several thousand machines.

Micron - no expereince in the last 5 years, prior to that they were alright, no complaints, but expensive. No idea what they are like today.

Other? Lets lump CONSUMER LEVER machines into other. These would be the Compaq and HP (one in the same now) type machines you see in Circuit City and the Sony machines you see in Best Buy

You get what you pay for, these are low quality, low performing units, that often take weeks to get warranty issues resovled once you move past your first 30 days.

I do not recommend these unless you fit into the disposable machine category, where you buy a new machine every year like clock work and you can live if it is down for a week or two.

emachines is the worst ever, warranty is worthless, machine is crap, I would not even let my dog poop on one of these so I would never let a human being use one.

Build your own machines are only good if you are technical and you buy the right parts, do no go this route unless you like to tinker and think through problems and you have time to research each component. You may never have a problem, but if you do you could be screwed with no one to fall back on.
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Old 06-21-02, 10:12 AM
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I have been very pleased with the 3 Dell machines I have bought. I have recommended them to two relatives, both pleased. I just had my broken Compaq exchanged for a new Dell machine at work, no I am very happy!
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Old 06-21-02, 10:36 AM
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you also have to take into consideration on what type of processor you want... P4 a pretty penny more than the althons.
another thing is that if you want to save cash, you would want to gather your comp parts and build your own comp, like what the other fellow members said before.
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Old 06-21-02, 06:18 PM
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Originally posted by vdadlani219
Customer service - I'm sure all offer warranty that you can purchase

Reliability - better off building your own computer if you are worried about the parts

Price - again, better off buidling your own computer

So true!

If you want the CHOICE, get a clone! I mean some companies don't even offer basic options like AMD Athlon processor or intel Pentium4 overpriced processor!
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DAC, I have a feeling you're getting a Dell dude ...
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Build it yourself.

I mean, any local reputable comp vendor will have suggested systems for sale and you can up or downcharge whatever you want. Find someplace that you get along with and tell 'em what you want to do with your comp and ask them to configure something for you. If they are reputable they will find that sweetspot for you and tell you what's important and what's a waste of money. That's the best way to go for me. Then again i'm a guy who's done my research so i'm comfortable in doing this.

Otherwise i'd go Dell although you are paying a pretty penny for shipping and hardware compromises to reach certain price points ... compared to a DIY or store recommendation.

Good luck.
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Old 06-22-02, 12:58 AM
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best thing about building your own: a real copy of the OS and not those lame ass 'recovery cds'
XP often develops problems with the system hive (what ever that is). There's a utility on the XP install disc that fixes it without needing to reinstall. With recovery cds (at least sony's) you have to reformat the drive and start over from scratch
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I've had nothing but good experiences with Dell. I'm a Dell customer for life (unless they go down the crapper)
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its really a good idea to take on the project of building your own computer... there is tons of help online and in the forum and its easier than it used to be and if you have the know-how of building a pc you will be able to upgrade without fear thus saving you more money on your next pc bc you can reuse some of your stuff.
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to what hypeiv wrote above. you can always ask us in this forum when you're stumped too.

beware, however, that it's not always cheaper to build yourself. you can often overpay but not paying attention. also, dell sometimes has these sales which, when combined with various coupons, become some unreal bargains.
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It really becomes an personal issue to whether it's worth your time and effort to learn the nuances of putting together your own system.

If you'd rather just get something quick and easy then probably Dell is the way to go. You can save your time and do something else like going outside, watching tv, having sex ... whatever.

I, personally, like computers and my wife would say probably a bit too much. It's worth it to me (I find it interesting) to learn and keep up with computer technology so it would be natural to custom make a system myself.

However, Namja makes a great point in saying that you can get unreal deals from Dell if you pay attention and the cost/benefit ratio may swing to your favor just to pick up a system and forget about the rest.
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