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nightwing82 06-18-02 04:16 PM

Need info on partitioning
i just got a program but it doesn't work on windows xp. it won't install. it will work in 98/ME. i have windows xp home edition on my comp. could someone point me to a good site that gives me instructions on how to partition xp so i can also have windows me on it also. i have two hard drives in the comp also if that helps. thanks.

twikoff 06-18-02 04:46 PM

why would you also want winme on it? :hscratch:

btw.. which program do you have, that wont install

nightwing82 06-18-02 06:35 PM

i use to have windows me on the comp (i dont have 98).

it is a game called ninja swamp x and when i try to install it says it won't install on a windows nt machine (but i have xp). so i read the instructions and it says works on windows 98, but i don't have 98, so i was going to try w/ me.

DravenCFH 06-19-02 04:25 AM

Have you tried compatability mode under Win XP?

Professor Frink 06-19-02 12:09 PM

So it sounds like you're going to create a dual-boot computer? Be very careful - doing it this way (NT/200/XP installed first, 95/98/ME installed afterwards on a second partition) can often lead to the XP partition not booting anymore. :(
It is always recommended to do 98/ME first, then NT/XP.

Unfortunately, this would require you to completely kill your drive and start over from scratch with BOTH operating systems. Unless someone around here has a better idea......? :)

nightwing82 06-19-02 03:03 PM

Originally posted by DravenCFH
Have you tried compatability mode under Win XP?
how do i do that?

Professor Frink - yes i thought i had read that :( . i think that i'll just face the fact that i won't be playing the game on my machine. i don't want to risk losing anything and don't want to backup all my files on both drives.

thanks for the info !

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