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Moogz 06-16-02 01:07 PM

Recommendations for "Pre-Built" Systems
Yes, I know it's cheaper to build one myself.
Yes, I have the necessary knowledge to build one myself.
Yes, I know I'll get more out of my components if I build one myself.

But I'm not paying for it, and the person who is wants me to get one from a "Pre-Built" retailer (Gateway, Dell, etc.)

I'm not complaining to the person, because I'm pretty impressed that they wanted to pay for it entirely in the first place (I am pretty much in need of an upgrade, even if it is to a pre-built system).

I don't play games on my computer -- I use my PS2 for that. My computer is for college school work, working with mp3s and mpegs (encoding / editing / viewing), newsgroup downloads and html browsing. I also like to burn a -lot- of CDs (audio, data, video). Frankly, that's all I need my new system for, so I'm not going to be too demanding of any particular retailer.

I already have a nice 17" flat panel monitor that I'm not going to get rid of. At both Gateway and Dell, I couldn't find a system for sale without a monitor -- maybe there's another way to take care of that? If not, I guess I'd have to sell the monitor, but that'd be kind of an annoyance, since almost no one buys a computer without a monitor lately.

And finally, the purchaser doesn't want to do this deal through the mail. Call it superstition with past mail-order systems, but the person only wants to get the computer from a B&M pickup area. If a good enough (re: "Brand Name") deal in the price range comes along mail-order only, though, I may be able to convince the purchaser to give it a shot.

Does anyone have any suggestions who the least of the evils out there are to work with? Considering I'm really only going to need a reasonably reliable CD burner, an ethernet card, and a lot of RAM and HD space, I don't think I'm being too demanding of any major retailer out there. Any suggestions or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated -- thanks for the help, everyone!

Groucho 06-16-02 01:12 PM

Find a local place that will build it for you. If you go through Dell, Gateway, etc. the computer will be a PITA to upgrade.

Tsar Chasm 06-16-02 02:07 PM

Well, I am a huge fan of Dell. I too can surely build a PC out of parts and support it myself, but a few years ago, this stopped being fun. If my computer is 96% fast pre-built and not 105% (overclocking) fast, so what.

That being said, I guess it depends on how important this computer is to you. Can you survive if Steve and Jim's Computer Emporium goes out of business? If not, I would stick to a national or regional chain for your purchase.

Dell doesn't have a B&M so that is out. Gateway has some B&Ms.
Is BestBuy still selling Alienware systems? Those are nice computers.
Dell and others will sell without a monitor, you just have to call.

I am on my 3rd Dell system in a row and have nothing but good things to say about my experiences. I just got my newest top of the line from them last week.

Moogz 06-16-02 03:17 PM

Just to add; I don't really care about upgrading this one, I'll be buying a new one after I get out of law school in a few years anyways. I've heard Alienware systems are nice, might need to check those out... any more suggestions?

I've used a Dell before, but my problem with Dell was related to the HD on the system... I had three HD's die. Just completely die. The warranty tech support that came to my house each time to examine the HD's had no clue what was wrong with them; their official explanation was that sometimes, HD's just die. It just seemed weird that I had three die within a year (two of them were different brands, even). That's just an annoyance that I don't want to have to put up with, especially if my warranty ends before my HD's start dying.

Moogz 06-16-02 03:41 PM

Also, just wanted to add: I'm trying to keep the budget somewhere in the neighborhood of $1200-$1400. My priorities are still RAM, HD Space, reasonable processor speed for my multimedia stuff, and reliable CD-Burner.

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