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chrisfelice 06-16-02 11:59 AM

Outlook Express vs. Outlook ?
What is the difference between the two programs?

I tried to look it up, but came up with nothing...

Is one better than the other?

Is O-X just a "dumbed down" version?

Does Outlook allow you to do more with it?

Tsar Chasm 06-16-02 02:01 PM

I would say that Outlook is more designed for the corporate environment. It has meeting planning, tasks, contacts, calendaring, synchronization with corporate servers, ability to create muliple e-mail "personal folders"

Outlook Express is definitely stripped down but it is what I use at home. It has the ability to use both POP3 and IMAP4 and meets most of my needs for the home environment.

Outlook costs money
Outlook Express is free

While I have both Outlook and OE on my home system, I use OE. I think of it like this...

If I need to type out a couple of sentences to remind myself of something, I use notepad, not Word. Outlook is a BIG program

TheBang 06-17-02 11:39 PM

If you don't have any use for all the functions of Outlook (and unless you're in a corporate environment with an Exchange server, you probably don't), then I would definitely go with Outlook Express.

OE was designed from the ground up as an Internet e-mail client, and it does that very well. I can't tell you the number of calls we get from customers having problems using Outlook for their e-mail. It just flips out sometimes and doesn't give much feedback when errors happen.

asabase 06-18-02 12:00 AM

Outlook Express also runs MUCH faster than regular Outlook. I use Express for all my email and Outlook for meetings/planning.

Giantrobo 06-18-02 06:51 AM

Originally posted by Todd B.
... It just flips out sometimes and doesn't give much feedback when errors happen.

For some reason my OE no longer previews pictures in the newsgroup area. It just stopped doing this and I don't know why.

A few years back MS was allowing free download of the full Outlook but my computer crashed and I lost the free Outlook :(

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