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Eternia 06-06-02 03:31 PM

Good sound editing program?
I have been using Macromedia's SoundEdit 16 to do all my sound editing since probably 1998. It won't work w/ OS X though, and has some stability issues in OS 9. Here is my question... what is a good sound editing program for Windows. I'm running XP.

I need the ability to have multitracks and then the option to "mix" the whole thing into one stereo file. But I need to be able to cut and paste around, just select a portion of a track to do things to, etc. If anyone has used SE16 you know what I mean. Also would like a nice library of effects like SoundEdit 16 has.

I have tried Vegas Audio and Sound Forge XP and they both blow chunks so to speak compared to SE16. I can't do anything with these two programs it seems.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

karnblack 06-06-02 03:37 PM

How about CoolEdit Pro

dglaser6 06-06-02 03:47 PM

ProTools Free! Easily the best, and what the pros use. have it for both os9 and windows


money 06-06-02 05:40 PM

Have you try n-track studio program? Check it out to see if you like it.


Mr_Shred 06-07-02 12:33 PM

Another vote for n-Track Studio. Very good multitrack recording/editing software with MIDI capabilities and support for effects plug-ins.

Shay 07-02-02 06:37 PM

Can n-Track Studio be used to delete a few seconds from the beginning on the midi?

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