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Need advice on turnkey video editing computer

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Looking for advice on computer for editing video

I'm getting ready to upgrade my computer from the 6 year old 120 MHz (yeah, I know it's ancient) knock-off I've been using. I'm mainly using it for basic stuff - Internet, utilities, etc., but would like to get into video editing (I've got a Sony Digital8 camcorder, as well as a Sony digital camera).
I know most techies could put together a system for far cheaper than a pre-built package, but I'm not that interested in doing all that work. I'm looking at the Sony VAIO line, mostly because of my Sony camcorder and camera - if I'm not mistaken, VAIO stands for Video/Audio Integrated Operation. The promise of fully compatible, simplified operation is a tempting one... (I considered going the Imac route, but decided I didn't want to switch to the Mac format).
My budget is roughly $1500 (without monitor - I assume I can use my old one for the next year or so until I get the urge to get a new one - flat screen, or whatever), but I could increase the budget if it would make a major difference in performance. Probably wouldn't want to go over $2000, though.

What does anyone think of the Sony PCV-RX670 (Pentium 4, 1.8 GHz, 80 GB Hard Drive, 512 MB RAM, DVD-RW). It's $1550 on the Sony site, minus a $100 rebate, plus I'd get extra Sony points for buying direct from Sony, I believe. The next model up, the PCV-RX680G adds the GigaPocket (which I'm not really interested in), and is 2 GHz with 120 GB Hard Drive , for an extra $350. Worth the extra money?
What would anyone recommend instead of one of these? I'm thinking Dell, HP, and maybe Gateway. Any major difficulties using my Sony cameras? Any major benefits in not going with a Sony VAIO (other than probably saving a few hundred bucks, I mean).
Also, what does anyone think of Sony's "Movie Shaker" built-in editing software?

Thanks for any and all advice!

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berserk, i personally went with hp 780n, i got a refurb unit, just like new, and is still a current model, it is fully loaded, 120 gig hd, nivida card, 512 mb ram, xp, studio 7, (Much better than studio shaker) plus a dvd+rw writer, tons of extra software, i really like mine, do a search on web, you will find plenty of good reviews on this unit, u can get this through for $1,149.00, refurb, new it is $1600, has 3 firewire ports, 5 usb, lighted keyboard, and fast, fast, 7200 spin rate for video work, i don't know if all this info is permissible in these forums, this is one of my first, but here goes with the link if you are interested.
let us know what you end up with . . .
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