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Monitor keeps going on and off! Help!

Old 05-19-02, 06:54 AM
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Monitor keeps going on and off! Help!

I've had this monitor for about 4-5 years now, and just over the last week or so it has started clicking on and off by itself. Just like if you turn the monitor off and then quickly back on, or pull the plug out half way and then back in.
I've checked all the cables and they seem fine. The only thing I can thing of is power surges or having too many devices attached to the one power point?
I've got 2 multi boards running off one wall socket. That might be the issue but the computers been here like this for about 2 months and it's only started doing it recently.

Anyone experience a slowly dying monitor? And did it do this when it was on it's last legs?

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Old 05-19-02, 01:21 PM
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If you think it's power surges, i'd try shutting down the other PC and anything else plugged into the outlet and see if the problem persists... If so, then the monitor is probably on it's way out..

As for what monitors do on their last legs, they all tend to do different things... A lot go blurry, or wavy but power problems could be a problem also... you might want to try replacing the power cable, just in case.. (maybe swap it with the other monitor?

Good luck
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Old 05-20-02, 10:16 AM
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Try opening it up (be careful! lots of static electricity buildup!) and see if any of the wires look coroded or touching something. Could be a short somewhere.
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Old 05-20-02, 11:49 AM
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Sounds like a bad solenoid switch inside the monitor. We've had it happen to a couple of our old CTX monitors here at work. I don't know how much or how easy they are to fix though. Might be time to consider that 19" flatscreen eh?


Try running the monitor itself off of it's own wall outlet through a surge protector/ apc and see if it still exhibits the same problem. If the monitor still does that and it's on a power circuit with no other devices then the monitor is most likely on its last legs.
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