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Eeyore 05-17-02 08:35 AM

Exporting outlook express messgs: MAPI Error
I am in the process of sending in my laptop for service, and wanted to backup all my files. I have backed up outlook express before, but now it doesn't seem to work. When i tell it to export, i get an error message: "The export could not be performed. An error occurred while initializing MAPI"

This is Outlook Express 6.0 running in windows ME.

The only relevant thing i saw on microsoft's page was that this error can occur when outlook is the default mail client. i disabled that option (so outlook is NOT the default mail client) but the error persists.

does anyone have any idea why this would happen? i've backed up outlook files "the hard way" (dealt with the files then cursed at the computer until it loaded in the new installation) but would rather not do that again.

Eeyore 05-17-02 10:52 AM

ok, i resolved it. outlook express (at least 6.0) lets you import messages from the files, even if you didn't "export" them with the menu option. all i had to do was backup the entire messages directory, then stick it on another computer and import the folders i wanted. it helps if on the first computer you rename your folders (so instead of "inbox" you have "old inbox" or something that won't be on the second computer).

i have no clue what the mapi error was, but i got this to work anyway.

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