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Question about e-mail filtering

Old 05-08-02, 09:16 AM
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Question about e-mail filtering

I use Netscape Messenger for my e-mail and have for years. Here recently I have been getting all these loan e-mails and debt consolidation stuff. The weird part is the To: field isn't even my address.

Now the IRONIC part about this is 3 days ago our ISP conveniently setup an e-mail filtering program that will automatically filter these e-mails to another trash bin thats not your own. The bad part is they are charging $1.00 extra per month to use this. What a crock. First I start getting these crazy e-mails then this shows up which is nice but they want extra for it. Sounds fishy to me. Now I've been with this ISP for 7 years now and have never had a problem with it. It's local and small. Anyway here is an excerpt from one of the e-mails:

Rockbridge Online's new junk email protection service has
quarantined its first suspected junk email message directed at you.
Since you have not signed in at your personal Rockbridge Online
Message Center, we are sending this notification informing you of the
service's initial action. After this notification, we will begin the
standard practice of sending notifications of quarantined
messages on a regular basis. question is, are there any 3rd party programs that can do the same thing? I know messenger has it's own filter but the e-mail still ends up in your inbox and I do like the idea of the e-mail just being deleted before it gets to your inbox or trash at all. There has to be a program or something that has a predefined list thats updated on a constant basis for these stupid solicited e-mails we all receive. I've tried very hard for 7 years to keep spam out of my personal mail box and have suceeded very well up until now. I don't use this to order online, register for anything, nothing but sending personal e-mail. Everyone on my lists KNOWS not to send me anything from any webpage that is "submitted" so to speak.

Also how am I receiving e-mail when the To: filed isn't even mine, I guess they are finally getting the best of me.
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Old 05-08-02, 11:34 AM
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what is the use of your ISP filtering spam, if they're going to send you a spam email every time they block one?
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Old 05-08-02, 01:43 PM
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The thing is you can e-mail them and tell them you do not want to use their service. Which I have done.
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Old 05-09-02, 07:30 AM
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i sure wouldn't pay $1 for that. even if a software product exists that downloads profiles of known spam emails, i'd guess that it would be impossible to keep up to date and would make downloading your email very slow. your best bet may be to just make mail filtering rules in your mail client. i know i've set up a bunch in outlook express, i'd guess you can do the same in messenger, and just have spam sent into your trash (or a "spam" folder in case you want to look at it?). it's a fairly safe guess that none of your friends will send you email with "loan consolidation" or "dripping sex" or lots of combinations you can come up with. i think you can also have a mail rule about blank senders, but i may have made that up.
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Old 05-09-02, 12:29 PM
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With regard to the above "Rockbridge Online" message I'm guessing that "regularly" doesn't mean "one for one".

As for thrid party sopftware, I think Mailwasher was mentioned very recently. A search should bring up the specs. I'm using it and it seems pretty good.
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Old 05-09-02, 03:52 PM
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I'm currently using Mailwasher as well which just downloads the basic information about each e-mail you receive - not the whole message. You can then choose to delete it off the server directly, blacklist the sender, and even send a spoofed bounced message back to that person.

It's a great program and can be found here:
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