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mcbmoreno 05-02-02 10:10 PM

Computer Freezes
I just put my new system together. It was the outpost soyo mobo and athlon AMD 1700 XP deal. I am using an Xpert 2000 32mb video card and maxtor 40gb 7200rpm HD. I am running win 98.

The problem happens after I leave the computer for a bit and the screen saver turns on and then after a bit the screen saver shuts off and the monitor goes blank. When I go back to the computer and wiggle the mouse everything turns back on alright but the first program I try to run after returning to the computer the computer will freeze. Any advice on why this happens?


DivxGuy 05-03-02 12:25 AM

I had a problem like that, and solved it by replacing the Soyo motherboard with an Asus one.


HN 05-03-02 12:29 AM

Not sure why it happens or how to fix it but you can avoid it by turning off some things:

right click on desktop-->properties-->screen saver-->power-->for "turn off monitor, "turn off hard disks," and "system standby" just select "never"


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