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RandyC 05-02-02 11:01 AM

Anyone with Microsoft Project

A customer sent me a file in this format. Can it be opened and then output into something I can read? PDF? A word doc? Help?

I would buy this program, but since is the first time it has come up in 20 years, it may not be a good value for me.

BigDave 05-02-02 11:04 AM

I think we have it around here at work somewhere. Let me see and I might be able to convert it for you.

I've never used Project, but it shouldn't be too hard. :)


Yep, we have it. I'm installing it now. You can e-mail the file to me and I'll convert it to something useful if you want.

4KRG 05-02-02 11:16 AM

Microsoft Project :confused:

Never heard of it are you sure you got the name right?



D.Pham4GLTE (>60GB) 05-02-02 01:24 PM

Well, i see you've probably got it done, but if you still need help, I have a 120 day trial version. If you have a fast connection, i could send it to you, or i could convert it for you.

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