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dombe 04-17-02 03:34 PM

wot no colour????
Hi, just bought a brand new toshiba laptop with dvd player and tv-out.
I connected the laptop to television via the s-video lead and into a scart adapter which in turn plugs into the television.
I have been able to get pictures on the television and dvds to play with sound and picture but CANNOT get colour at all. I have tried everything i can think of.

Please help as its driving me mad. I am using XP as the os. The dvd software is intervideo dvd or i have been using windows media player.

Thanks in advance.


Ben732 04-17-02 05:03 PM

So the Video is connected via the S-Video cable, how do you have the Audio connected? Audio isn't transmitted over an SVideo cable... just video.

As for it being black and white... I really can't help ya. I used to have my dvd player in my PC exported to my PC but it was in a tower PC and I used RCA cables not SVideo. It sounds like a software thing... Does the DVD play on the laptop in full color?

dombe 04-17-02 05:47 PM

No Colour!!
The s video controls the picture and the sound is taken care of with a phono lead basically.

AS regards to the lack of colour, I have no idea how to get full colour or any colour for that matter.

If any one out there has any ideas i would be very grateful for your help.



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fmian 04-18-02 09:49 AM

Does the laptop itself display colour? Or is it only black and white when you output to TV?
Either way I'd say check your cables. Sometimes the pins are bent and you can get strange video problems. Also try changing the refresh rate and/or resolution (through display in the control panel). Usually you can only output to a TV at 640x480 and 800x600 with a max refresh of 75Hz. But that all depends on your TV and Video Card. I would also recommend you get the latest video card drivers. If you already have the latest then get one of the prior versions of the drivers. It may not be an issue with all cards but I know that sometimes the latest nVidia drivers aren't the best.

If you don't know how to get a hold of the drivers call up tech support for the company that makes your laptop. That is assuming you bought it new.

X 04-18-02 10:16 AM

You don't have the video and/or software configurations mixed up as to NTSC or PAL output, do you?

Dirk 04-18-02 03:17 PM

Have you tried it on another TV that doesn't need the SCART adapter? Or with another S-video cable? It sounds like it might be a cabling issue...

Looking at a set of SCART & S-video pinouts at http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/epreb...ing/SCART.html
I think that's your problem. SCART carries RGB & composite video, while an S-video cable carries chroma & luminance separately. If the adapter you're using only ties the luminance pin from the S-video cable to the composite on the SCART adapter, you'll only get a B&W picture.

I'm willing to bet that's your issue. Try another adapter, or hooking it directly to a TV that can take the S-video input directly, and see if you get colour.

Real Boba Fett 04-18-02 04:32 PM

As X said, make sure that you output an NTSC signal instead of a PAL one (if you are in North America).

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