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Nismo Nate 04-15-02 05:25 PM

Asus P4TE ram
I'm planing on purchasing a Asus P4TE MB today or tomorrow for a new system I'm building, I'm just still confused about what ram to slap on it.

I look on www.pricewatch.com and a see the 2700 ram but is that ddr or not, I've heard the best ram for the MB id RDRAM, so why dose the 2700 ram say it's ddr? Or am I just completly lost?

O' Hardware Guru help me where are you?

Ben732 04-16-02 07:48 PM

From: http://usa.asus.com/mb/socket478/p4t-e/overview.htm

Flexible Memory:
The ASUS P4T-E is very expandable with support of up to 2GB RDRAM, 5 PCI slots, 1 CNR (Communications and Networking Riser), 4 USB ports, plus ATA-100. Expansion ensures that you get the most out of your investment today as well as in the future.

4 x RIMM Sockets
Dual Channel RDRAM Support: Max. 2GB PC800/PC600 ECC/non-ECC RDRAM Memory
Max. Transfer Speed 3.2GB/s
If the motherboard takes RDRam then you can't use DDR... RDRam is faster and usually a little more expensive.

Nismo Nate 04-17-02 03:00 PM

Thanx for the help Ben732,

I ended up reading your reply about 10 mins after I ordered My 2 sticks of Kingston Rambus 256 800mhc ECC.

If anyone is interested here are the specs of my new system:

- Qty. 1, INTEL P4, 1.8a GHz, Socket 478,Northwood
- Qty. 1, ASUS® P4TE, I-850, 478, ATX 400FSB, RD-Ram w/Audio
- Qty. 1, Speeze up to 2.4GHz Socket 478 Fan
- Qty. 1, Kingston 256MB RAMBUS, ECC, 800MHz
- Qty. 1, Kingston 256MB RAMBUS, ECC, 800MHz
- Qty. 1, 1.44MB Floppy Drive/internal Sony Black Bazel
- Qty. 1, IBM 60GB 7200RPM ATA/100
- Qty. 1, 16x DVD ROM, Internal, Lite-On Black Bazel /w Software OEM
- Qty. 1, 32x12x40 Lite-On CDR-W Black w/ burn proof And software
- Qty. 1, ASUS GeForce4 4600Ti 128mb DDR /w games
- Qty. 1, Dimond Supramax 56k Internal modem
- Qty. 1, Micosoft Windows XP Home Edition

Charcoal Black Antec CS-1040B
Front 8cm Fan = Cooler Master
SX1040B SOHO File Server
Full Tower Computer Cases
w/ 400W ATX SmartPower
PS, P4 Ready

Total 1464.77

Ben732 04-17-02 05:04 PM

Congrats! :thumbsup:

where did you order from?

Nismo Nate 04-18-02 02:09 AM

Thanx :)

I searched mostly on www.pricewatch.com and just found the lowest prices, you have to watch some of them though, there wording is somewhat sneaky sometimes. I ended up ordering a lot form www.newegg.com. there prices were all around the best, they also have a really secure site.

Ben732 04-18-02 09:33 AM

Yeah I ordered parts for a friend's pc upgrade from newegg a few weeks ago and I was happy. Great prices, fast shipping, etc...

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