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GatorDeb 04-10-02 01:11 PM

Removable USB drive does not show on drives list.
I have both the drive's driver and the USB 2.0 driver shown as working properly, and the drive appears (also working properly) in my disk drive list in device manager, but does not show in My Computer. How do I assign a drive letter to it and access it? The manual shows how to partition it.... I already have data in it. Everything is active and working properly in the list of connected USB devices.

Help! :(


P.S. The drive was pulled from a WinME system. Is the FAT-NTFS that is the problem?

Ben732 04-10-02 05:39 PM

WinXP should recognize Fat, Fat32 and NTFS so that shouldn't be the problem.

At home, I have PGP Encryption running and I have PGPDisk setup. When I want to access one of the PGPDisk files, it assigns a drive letter. However, to get that drive letter to show up running XP, I need to have Windows Explorer OPEN when I enter my password. You might want to give this a try. Open Windows Explorer and THEN connect it.

I dunno if my problem is an XP issue or just that it's an old version of PGP but the only one that has PGPDisk and I'm too lazy to pay for the registered version. :p

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