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Canis Firebrand 03-28-02 09:38 AM

Need help finding good PHP tutorial websites
Need help finding good PHP tutorial websites.

My webhost has php and mysql support.

I am looking to create a section on my webpage geared towards movie reviews.

The way I see it working is as follows:

Main movie review page. It will have buttons/links to search reviews or to add a review.

If search is clicked, it will open a page with different options. Such as search by title, actor/actress, directory, genre, rating, maybe a few other criteria.

If add is clicked, it will open a page where data is inputed, such as title, genre, rating, rating, and a place for a longer review. This would then be written into a database.

I'm sure there are people that have done similar things and have them out there.

But, since I learn better by doing, I'd like to do mine from scratch. That way, I actually learn something, and not just take someone elses finished product and modify it slightly to meet my needs.

Thanks in advance.

If anyone wishes to help out, that would be cool too. We could coordinate something and work via icq/aim/msn/yahoo.

das Monkey 03-28-02 02:10 PM

This is probably obvious, but www.php.net is the authority on php. I think www.phpbuilder.com is supposed to be pretty good too. I taught myself PHP back when it came out just to say I knew how to do it, but I've never really used it for anything. Good luck with it.


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