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Bcolon 03-23-02 09:38 PM

problems connecting D-Link router to my cable modem
I am having poblems connecting my cable modem to a D-Link DI-704 router. My cable modem provider is Buckeye Cable and I am running Windows XP. I have tried manually entering the IP adress, Gatway etc. but have had no luck. Anyone have any tips?

Nefarious 03-23-02 11:10 PM

Does your provider assign you a set IP or use DHCP?

Bcolon 03-24-02 04:01 AM

Not sure. How do I tell?

gcribbs 03-24-02 04:49 AM

I just put my router between my modem and my two computers and it worked out of the box. I was amazed and surprised since i expected to have to troubleshoot.

if you go to your control panel and open up your network settings
click on your TCP/IP for your network card select properties.

what are your settings?

under WINS configuation

is Use DHCP for WINS resolution marked?

palebluedot 03-24-02 09:42 AM

You may need to mask the MAC address of your computer in the router.

I had to do this with my Linksys router. In the advanced settings of the router you can enter a MAC address.

Maybe your D-Link has such a feature. You can find the MAC address of your PC by doing ipconfig from a DOS prompt.

Bcolon 03-24-02 12:47 PM

Under IP srttings it has DHCP enabled

This is what is checked under Wins:

Use netbios setting from the DHCP server. If static IP address is used or the DHCP does not provide netbios setting, enable netbios over TCP/IP.

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