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habers 03-22-02 11:43 PM

Help me find a Laptop Case that looks like this
Im looking for a second laptop case, one that just opens like a book and just holds the laptop, here is something what Im looking for but this just holds a laptop hard drive. Anyone know where I can get one for my laptop something like this?




Speaker 03-22-02 11:45 PM

the basic dell notebook bag made of nylon sounds just like what you are looking for.

Goblincat 03-23-02 12:07 AM

Originally posted by Speaker
the basic dell notebook bag made of nylon sounds just like what you are looking for.
I don't think the basic Dell notebook bag made of nylon is that small and holds just a laptop hard drive.

Not real close, but a hard shell pistol case might do the same job.

Startide 03-23-02 02:59 PM

Perhaps what habers meant to ask was if there was a case that would open up AND let him use the laptop whilst still in the case. A number of cases will allow you to use the laptop whilst it remains inside the case. Some cases even have an internal "hardtop" that flips down so that you can write on it (my Willow Designs case has that).

Willow Designs has some thinner cases that might let you do this. I use an older Willow Designs case (back in the days when they were small and willing to do custom "one-off" cases for you).

The best alternative (in my knowledge) is the excellent award-winning Laptop Lapdog case which UNFOLDS to expose the laptop ready for use! It is a case by Shaun Jackson design. It came down to a choice between the Lapdog and Willow Designs for me, but in the end, i chose a case where i could tumble it down a flight of stairs without the laptop being broken. I have travelled extensively with my laptop (including taking it to vendor sites) and am quite pleased with Willow Designs.

The Laptop Lapdog will just barely hold the Dell Inspiron 7000 (a large thick 10# laptop) successfully.


If you travel a lot, you will also come to appreciate cases that don't let dust inside, or hold dust in their thick weft. Willow Designs is good about that as they use a fine weave. Thick weaves are also harder to waterproof if you cart the thing in the rain (which i have had to do before).

CAVEAT: I don't believe in expensive cases by Tumi or Haliburton. There is no reason to spend $300 to $700 on a laptop case when much cheaper excellent alternatives exist. I have travelled quite a bit using cases from: Willow Design, London Fog, and others. My favourite is the stylish London Fog one though it originally had much less protection than the Willow Design case. I've modified my London Fog and it now protects the laptop quite well.

habers 03-23-02 09:12 PM

I found this one:


Its perfect except that it doesnt unzip all the way so you can use it while its still in there, its got the zipper in the back so you can run wires out the back, but it only unzips halfway down each side :(

Anyone know one that would unzip all the way?

Startide, That case above looks great! I may get one of those too ontop of getting one like im describing!


Startide 03-24-02 03:41 PM

Originally posted by habers
Anyone know one that would unzip all the way?
Yes, you have many sources of these. If you are creative, you may consider looking at binder-type CD cases for the ones that have removable inserts. Once you remove the insert, you have just the empty shell into which you can put the laptop. Don't get any case that has large zippers/things inside because they can scratch the laptop. If you are a photographer, you might also have some of those 3-ring binder covers that slip over an existing 3-ring binder to let you carry it in similar fashion to a CD carrying case binder. Instead of putting a 3-ring binder inside, why not put your laptop inside? I do. It has no protection, but is ideal for short transportation or where you don't or can't bring a bulky notebook case without faux pas.

Originally posted by habers
Startide, That case above looks great! I may get one of those too ontop of getting one like im describing! Jon [/B]
Yes, i almost bought one of the Lapdogs because they were so cool. I analyzed how i do things, and i found out that i would be better served by the following (which i currently am using) solution:

(a) Willow Design laptop case for rugged carrying situations or when travelling. It also carries my flatbed scanner, modems, tools, modem, etc (all of which is powered by the laptop, no wall warts needed). Willow took care to not place zippers or extruding clips/bumps that would press against the laptop and mar the surface. Some other brands of expensive laptop cases out there had not considered such things!!! I paid about $149 +S/H for my custom case. I would buy one again and I am also pleased with the company itself. Caveat: don't get a Willow if you want a case that is flamboyant and colourful with lots of swoosh stripes and body moulding that screams "look at me, i have a laptop and am better than you in all respects" as Willow uses an understated style in all their cases.

(b) London Fog laptop case. A stylish case for when i need it. It looks like Microsoft one (which i also use on occasion). Similar to a messenger bag but nicer looking. I paid $12.50 for it on clearance at a London Fog factory store (i bought five total to give others away as presents). I would buy one again.

(c) 3-ring binder cover shell. The Dell Inspiron fits inside quite nicely and this is the absolute minimal secure carrying case. The dual external zippers can accommodate a lock/twist-tie to keep them from zipping open too in case you worry about the laptop falling out. I paid $1.49 each for them in various colours such as deep blue, maroon, and grey. I use these shells to carry many other things also (not just the laptop). I especially like how it is minimal and doesn't look like a laptop case. I would buy one again.

When in doubt, use your "MacGyver" instincts for possible solutions.

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