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tha_dvd_man 03-21-02 05:03 PM

If you run a .com site, is there a way to make the "Admin. Contact" info private?
I run a little .com site, it's not much, but I just realized that if I go to a site like register.com and type in my domain name, it gives away all my contact info. Name, e-mail, full address, and phone number. WTF is up with that? I don't want any weirdo freaks out there knowing my name and all my contact info just because I run a site. Is there a way to make it private? I don't know how much it matters but my provider is terabyte.com.

Canis Firebrand 03-21-02 06:04 PM

As far as I know, you cannot hide thta info.

The web host wouldn't be the place you would look, anyways. ie. Tera-byte.

You need to look around at your registrar and see if they have a way.

You could always leave the fields blank, but that isn't really a solution because the registrar needs that info to let anything be done to the domain.

moorehed 03-21-02 06:56 PM

i think right now they are talking about making it so that information will be kept private in the future (maybe just if you choose it to be). but right now there is no provision for it. the best thing i'd say to do is register it under your business's name/coorespondance info.

Startide 03-21-02 10:20 PM

Responsible membership on the web is fostered by having accurate info for websites. Otherwise, you can imagine what will happen once any BIGCD or SPAMMASTER can hide.

Remember about, say, two years ago in the dvdTalk Other Forum where some newbie girl was posting and advertising her website with both modeling and suggestive images? Some individuals had looked up that site's info and found that it was bogus (upon trying to map out the location). The resident otters "forgave" her because at least she had spiced up their lives with some pictures (otters are easy and cheap? *wink*).

When confronted, the girl said something about preserving her privacy. Umm. Okay. But it seems that spammers all want to preserve their privacy so they can keep spamming their sites to get more hits.

Some people have found registration services that accept bogus information because they are not stringent on following up changes of address. A spammer might temporarily get an address at one location and then move. This was done by a spammer in my own area who had an office in Lynnwood, and then deliberately moved to the Redmond area without leaving any change of address or forwarding. I'm sure that this happens to any number of other cases on the net and if someone wanted to hide their contact info, they could do something like that....

jfoobar 03-22-02 06:26 AM

One option is to pay the $10/year or whatever it is for a P.O. Box and list that as your address. That way they don't get your real address so easily.

I also make sure that the phone number listed for my domains is my cellphone.

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