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young 03-17-02 04:27 PM

hidef tv tuner for the pc
wasn't there something about a high definition tv tuner card for the pc? doesn anyone have one and like it?

Jason Northrup 03-17-02 04:39 PM

Hauppage makes 3 (2 for US digital, 1 for European digital).


young 03-17-02 08:25 PM

does the wintv-hd pick up high def channels? or do i need a separate (expensive) antenna?

Jason Northrup 03-17-02 09:33 PM

My guess would be yes since the WinTV-D does. WinTV-HD looks like it's an advanced WinTV-D.

young 03-19-02 06:05 PM

well, after some research, i found out that the hauppauge (pronounced haupo) isn't that recommended. cnet gives it a 5/10.

there are 2 other cards that are better recommended.

AccessDTV which is proprietary but allows you to watch in a window.

Hipix which is open (?) but needs to be full screen.

both have more robust recording like tivo than the hauppauge wintv HD.

all three cost about $400.

after all that, i've decided to not get any until they get a little better. the hipix sounds better but i'd really like to be able to watch in a window.

any opinions?

al_bundy 03-20-02 07:27 AM

I have to check, but I think my Geforce 4 Ti 4600 came with one integrated. Cost me $400.

breaux124 03-20-02 11:10 AM

I'm not sure if they are publicly available, but look for Conexant HD tuner cards. The prototype name was Foghorn, but I'm not sure if these are publicly available.

We have a few here at work, and they work great.

FYI: HD TV is broadcast over UHF frequencies, so with a good (powered recommended) UHF antenna you should be able to pick up local broadcast channels.
We've got around 6-8 channels last time I looked.

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