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IndyDVDGuru 03-08-02 01:06 PM

AMD barebone system - good deal?
I saw this auction on Ebay.

Does this seem like a good deal? The shipping, $59, is a little high.

Let me know what you think. Can I find a better deal than this?

This package basically has everything I need. I can supply the missing components from my current P-III system.



twikoff 03-08-02 01:09 PM

with 5 days, 7 hours + left, its hard to say if its going to be a good deal

who knows what it will actually sell for.. but I would assume the price will go up

IndyDVDGuru 03-08-02 01:13 PM

Can you suggest some places to do some comparative price-shopping? I've checked Newegg. Any other places come to mind?


Thanks twikoff!

By the way, what is your current system?

D.Pham5GLTE (>60GB) 03-08-02 04:55 PM

from pricewatch

MB: 55

Athlon 1700+ : 108

256 DDR crucial : 76

case: 34

fans: 20 (approx)

total: 293
keep in mind that these are the lowest prices on pricewatch, and don't include tax/shipping.

also, no hd included. i don't see a vid card either. you could probably use your old stuff though

it's not a bad deal, but this system is really barebones. everything is onboard.

Dell had a good p4 a short while ago for under $500 shipped. i think you'd be better with a deal like that, because the components are higher quality

also, you can try techbargains.com

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