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Pointyskull 01-08-02 08:37 AM

Video Display Problem: Hardware or Software?
I've been called on to be 'fix-it' guy for my neighbors new 1.5ghz Dell. Here's the problem:
One day the video display defaulted to 640x480/16 color, and the mouse doesn't work. I did an initial inquiry about any new software, blah, blah, but supposedly nothing new has been installed. I tried swapping my mouse, still no luck. The display settings revert back to the 640x480/16 color on reboot, even if I change them to 800x600

Does this sound like a video card issue or could some Win ME file be corrupt? If it's a Win ME issue, how can I reinstall the appropriate files?

Thanks for the theories...

jrobinson 01-08-02 07:33 PM

did you check the bios settings to ensure the PS/2 mouse is enabled? or is it a USB mouse?

Have you tried installing updated drivers for the video card?

Have you tried contacting dell? If it's new, it's still under warranty...

young 01-08-02 07:45 PM

the card is correctly recognized? make sure the monitor is also recognized. if it is a usb mouse, try a ps2 mouse.

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