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wal 01-08-02 04:20 AM

DVD-Rom output to TV too dark
I am using a hercules prophet ti200 outputting via an s-vhs lead to a sony widescreen tv . When i ouput the desktop of my pc i can adjust the gamm/brightness etc via display properties but when i run a DVD (powerDVD) it ignores these adjustments and plays the DVD to dark.

The Tv has 3 preset contrast/brightness modes (personla/movies/live) and an option to adjust the contrast (it was cheap and came with no manual so if there is a brightness option i havent found it yet), so i can't adjust it there.

Is there a way to adjust the brightness/gamma of teh DVD ??


wal :o)

mikehunt 01-08-02 01:39 PM

I think power dvd has its own gamma settings
either that or windvd does, because I was using one to watch a dvd on my monitor and it was almost black, finally found the gamma settings in one of the option or settings menus

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