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MWR 01-07-02 11:01 AM

Canon mini-dv questions
Didn't know where to post this, so I thought I'd give it shot here.

1)Does anyone know where to get a good extended life battery for the Canon ZR-20?

2) Are there major differences in ZR-20, 25, 30....will the ZR-20 be capable of firewire?

Thanks for the help!

young 01-07-02 11:19 AM

probably the home theater forum is better.

i found b&hphoto.com to have the cheapest (reputable) prices for longer batteries. ebay had batteries but many are not CANON brand batteries.

MWR 01-07-02 11:40 AM

Thanks young...& I found the answer to the firewire ? too. The zr-20 does have a firewire port.

RandyC 01-07-02 01:25 PM

I have the ZR-30c. The differences between it and the ZR-20 is I have colored light up buttons and a hot shoe. :)

And yeah, they all have firewire.

Canon's website is what I used to compare features. They have a great PDF of the series showing the features you get ith each model.


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