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Tech Talk Discuss PC Hardware, Software, Internet and Other Technology

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Old 01-06-02, 06:33 PM   #1
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"The Mail Station" personal email 'system' -- any good??

Saw it advertised in the K-Mart add today

It is $49.92 after rebate

and has a $10 monthly fee

"The Mail Station" personal email 'system' -- any good??

For those that aren't sure what I am talking about

It is a little lap top looking box you buy that is dedicated JUST to email. It has an LED screen. It sets up email addresses for you and you hook it up to your phone line to send and receive email-

My mom's friend was interested in getting it.

Is it any good?

Anyone own one?

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Old 01-06-02, 06:49 PM   #2
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LCD screen?

I looked at various "internet appliances" for my tech-clueless mom, who uses only email. I dismissed some as being harder to use or having difficult little LCD screens and chiclet keyboards.

Large buttons, graphics, larger color screens are important for the clueless.

I don't know if that is the motivation for getting an email station here, but it was for me. And I found the item I was very pleased with, and she is thrilled with, is the Compaq IPAQ internet appliance. Around $160-180 on ebay, but you have to pay $10-20 a month for internet access.
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Old 01-06-02, 07:34 PM   #3
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My ex had one of those things. Next time I talk to her I'll ask her if she liked it.

$10/month seems kinda steep just for email though.
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Old 01-06-02, 08:31 PM   #4
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Ok, just talked to her.

She said service is $100/year.
Here's what else she said:
***: text only so no attachments work
***: it is great for just straight email
***: you can get it from anywhere
***: it can run on batteries
***: you can type emails anywhere
***: you just need to plug into a phone jack for like a minute to get your mail
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Old 01-06-02, 09:33 PM   #5
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I got this for my mother in law for Christmas. She loves it. I didn't think she would probably get the hang of it, but to my surprise she has added like 10 emails herself and has been sending about 15 emails a day. She said it is really easy but the keyboard takes some getting use to. She is glad that she doesn't have to deal with the internet and worrying about the computer crashing. She said it would be nice if she could get pictures but it isn't really a big deal. The newest model does let you receive pictures. I think just 5. The dial in number is a nation wide toll free number now so she can take it with her when she travels.
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