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Jason Northrup 01-04-02 01:19 PM

Question for Mac OS X 10.1 users
For those of you running the latest Mac OS, how is the performance? What is the processor (G3/G4 and speed)? How much RAM are you using?

If you have MS Office X, how well does that run on your setup?

Cardiff Giant11 01-04-02 05:48 PM

I'm running 10.1.2 on the following
G4 350mhz (AGP Motherboard version)
512mb RAM
30gb 7200rpm hard drive
Rage 128 Pro AGP(this is important because it has all of the Mac OS X drivers available. Some of the older chipsets don't have drivers and thus can't do Open GL or quicktime acceleration)
Application launch is slower than 9.2 but not noticably so. Drawing long menus can become a bit choppy(say if I had like 50 entries in my favorites menu it might take a minute to draw the whole menu) but overall it runs way better than 10.0.x did. I've only tried the Word X demo and it seems to run well. I hear the final version runs alot better.

DaveNinja 01-04-02 07:09 PM

i have 10.1.2 running on my G3 350MHz/ 384 megs of ram.
It runs nicely, never an OSX crash. A friend of mine has a cracked version of MS office X running on the exact same system, and so far so good. I've only used POwerPoint and it worked fine. My Hp 1700d printers works good in X as does my Canon Sureshot G1 camera (didnt have to install and software, image capture did it all).

I have to boot back into 9.2 or 8.6 to burn CDs since my USB cdburner isnt supported in X. I also boot back for using ProTools free which doesnt run in X yet. I like X a lot better, its a nice change.


Jason 01-06-02 11:34 AM

I've got 10.1 running on an 867 G4 with 1.5Gb RAM. Since I have no major applications that use X, I work almost exclusively in OS 9.2 :(

From what I've used it, it's very responsive. Internet Explorer works well, launches incredibly fast, and the curent version is stable. Tinkering in iMovie, performance was the same as it is in 9. Classic apps run pretty well. Photoshop 5 works fine. My Epson 740 printer has OS X drivers now too.

Two things I really like about it. DVD playback works really well for the first time ever, and X recognizes my Kodak digital camera and downloads the pictures without a hitch.

Once Photoshop and DVD Studio Pro come out for X, I'll get them and FCP 3 and make the big jump. This has been a terribly slow transition for Apple, but once it's complete it should be worth it.

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