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Xanager 01-03-02 01:37 PM

website problem...etrade
I go to etrade.com to check on my portfolio, bank, etc. When I get to the homepage, I am able to login with my username and password. However, after logging in, when I go to click on any other link, I get the "webpage not found" error. If I click on "detect network settings" on the error page, the new page will open fine. I know the site works because on another computer everything works fine.

I have deleted all temp. files and compared the advanced security settings with the other computer. I have gone to another SSL site and am able to navigate fine. I have downloaded the newest security certificates. Any ideas?

It's just a hassle to have to click the "detect network settings" link every time.

edit: on some secure connections it works and on some it doesn't. Worked on my online banking site, but didn't on etrade or intuit.

Xanager 01-04-02 12:26 AM


Jabx 01-04-02 10:56 AM

what OS do you run?

what version of Internet Explorer?

twikoff 01-04-02 11:27 AM

only happens on this one page? if it happened other places.. I would say go to

tools...internet options.. connections

and run the connection wizard again, or check your lan settings

Xanager 01-04-02 12:37 PM

running Win 98SE, IE 6

it's not really consistent, it has only happened on Etrade and Intuit's website.

we've done all of that so far, reinstalled all network connections, etc.

twikoff 01-04-02 01:52 PM

done all the updates from windowsupdate.microsoft.com?
just in case there is a patch needed?

Xanager 01-04-02 02:06 PM

Okay, I've done all updates and security patches etc. I've also done some more trial and error.

We have three computers hooked up to a Linksys wireless router. One laptop wireless, one laptop plugged in, and one desktop plugged in.

The desktop works fine, no problems. At first I thought the problem was the router or the wireless access card, but my laptop doesn't work plugged in, and the desktop does.

Neither of the laptops work. You can go to etrade and logon. You can check your portfolio, your account, and some other things, but when you hit the "Trade" tab or the "Add position" it will not to. When the error message comes you can click "Detect Network Settings" and wait about a minute and it will finally go to the page.

I can login at nextcard, my college, and my bank and navigate all over their site.

Here's what I'm thinking: Are there different levels of security on the net? I know if any place on the etrade site should be secure it would be the Trading area. Maybe the laptops can handle certain levels of security, but not others...

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